Hide&Seek worked with Film4 in producing a unique and innovative multiplatform experience to support the release of Carol Morley’s feature film Dreams of a Life.

Dreams of a Life movingly pieces together the true story of thirty-eight year old Joyce Vincent, whose skeleton was discovered in her bedsit three years after she had died.

Hide&Seek produced an accompanying digital production – www.dreamsofyourlife.com – as a thought-provoking and immersive experience which engages users in the themes explored by the film.

The absorbing and sometimes unnerving narrative is written by award-winning writer A.L. Kennedy, which prompts responses to questions on society, friendship, love and loneliness. This is played against the backdrop of beautiful and haunting imagery, created by photographer Lottie Davies.

The web experience is supported by a mobile touring installation, allowing audiences to interact with the experience on iPads at selected venues in the cities where the film is playing, and also a subversive Facebook quiz designed to act as an on-ramp for the full experience.

What people have said

“[we]… found it a deeply contemplative and profound undertaking, a mini therapy session, an emotional head massage and an aesthetically beautiful oasis of reflection in the middle of a busy day… surely this is the kind of online interactivity that really can positively impact ourselves and our personal universes.”

- Bird’s Eye View – including interview with Margaret about the project

“The site requires time and concentration to engage with, but rewards those that join in with a thought-provoking and emotional experience: something that is rarely found in an advertising campaign.”

- Creative Review Blog

“There’s something sadly true about [the site]: The best way to learn about the perils of not connecting with the people around you is to spend a half an hour on an awesomely absorbing website, not connecting with the people around you.”

- Fast Company Design

“…a meditation on life, death, and love…like the best poetry, it expresses something meaningful about the human condition.”

- Play This Thing

Also featured in: Creativity Online and The Drum.

On Twitter

“Poignant, beautiful, compelling.”

- @turmericdesign

“Harrowing, thought provoking, shocking and not for the faint hearted but utterly brilliant”

- @emmadilemma1908

“…an ingenious work of self exploration”

- @llapen

“The most interesting and thought-provoking thing you’ll do today”

- @whiskeysoaking


Thanks to all our collaborators on this project: A.L. Kennedy, Lottie Davies, Kim Plowright, Phil Gyford, Lee Maguire, Steve McCluskey, Half Cyborg, Miranda Davis, JJ Stevens, and all at Film4 and Dogwoof.