June Sandpit 2012: Performance

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Come along to the Southbank Centre from 6:30-10:00 on Monday 18 June, for a free evening of games around the theme of performance. There’ll be games with music, games with dance and movement, games with theatre – and games that get the players performing, drumming, reading aloud, dancing and more.

There’ll be games to play and games to watch, games with comperes, and secret games hidden in corners. Drop into any of the games from 6:30 to 9, and then from 9 till 10 we’ll have just a few dropin games continuing as most of us get together for Ross Sutherland’s amazing Comedian Dies in the Middle of a Joke.

Tell us you’re coming on the Facebook event, or else just turn up!

We’re still designing and curating games for the evening, but among others, there’ll be:

Sightlines (815agency)
A game of cardboard tower construction in a race for the skies. See how high you can go without obstructing the inspectors’ sightlines!

Firefly (Pollie Barden and Chloe Varelidi)
A tagging game of dark intentions where players compete/collaborate to steal the most flashing LED badges from other players.

Space Serenaders (Simon Katan)
Avant-garde karaoke meets Asteroids – win the love of your fair maiden by singing sweet melodies whilst the notes drift gently up to her balcony. Shoot down your rival’s advances with words as sharp as arrows.

Trump or False (Stamp Collective)
A game of persuasion, deception, tactics and risk.

Comedian Dies in the Middle of a Joke (Ross Sutherland)
November 1983: comedian Joe ‘Pops’ Pooley is headlining his local comedy club and no one’s laughing. August 2012: his murder is reconstructed. Re-live Joe’s last set over and over and over again. When your time comes, can you die with some dignity?

I Demand Satisfaction! (Alice O’Connor)
A verbal game of memory, pomposity and outrageous accusations for rakes, rascals and rapscallions. Oh, and hats. Hats too.

Discotect (Ivan Gonzalez)
Half the dancers have music; for the others, the disco is truly silent. Can you work out who is who? Play as a dancer or a discotective.

Everything looks better when you put it in a circle (Everdien Breken)
Was Banksy right? In this oversized drawing game, we will test his maxim to the max. And do some jumping, too!

Dancers with Wolves
An ill-advised combination of the classic Werewolf with a silent disco, since we’re going to have the equipment around for Discotect anyway…

Photo from the New Year Games: Pippa Murphy’s “Resonate the Labyrinth”

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