Hinterland in Edinburgh

04 July 2011 | 0 comments

Forest Fringe, Edinburgh
12-6pm, 15-27 August

We’re not quite sure what’s in there, to be honest. The Hinterland is entered by telephone, and each instance of it is quite personal. The little we know comes to us second-hand: rumours of Parisian affairs, pixellated simulations, and a DMZ at the deepest point.

You have to go in alone. That’s essential, apparently.

The Narrator is on hand to guide you, although again, his identity and intention are not known to us.

You look into the Hinterland / And the Hinterland looks into you…

Hinterland is a poem that you play. Begin your journey at the Hinterland Waystation upstairs at Forest Fringe, receive your first canto, and go forth into Edinburgh, seeking conversation with a perfect stranger. If you manage it correctly, that conversation will yield words for the Narrator, who will repay you with a reading that is yours and yours alone.

Four cantos, each more filled with jeopardy than the last, taking you through a landscape built from misunderstandings, invisible borders, crossed lines and untranslatable sayings. Leave the Edinburgh you thought you knew, and the words you thought you said behind…

Hinterland is supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

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