Southbank Sandpit: the Seaside

03 June 2011 | 0 comments

Come along to the Southbank from 6:30 to 10pm on Thursday 4 August for a free evening of games and playful experiences! As part of the Southbank Centre’s seaside weekend, we’ll be running a night of seaside-themed games in Royal Festival Hall and around the Southbank. Book places in games in the Clore Ballroom from 6:30; play begins at 7.

There’ll be folded pieces of paper and running and sneaking and waving flags and building things and knots and boats and maybe even a real live deck chair. We’re still confirming the game details, but there’ll be:

I Say (Rosie Fairchild): Hunting and escaping, sneaking and finding are at the heart of this thrilling chase game around the Southbank.

All Hands On Deck (Hide&Seek): You just want a nice sit-down in a deck-chair – but the deck-chair inspector and that pesky seagull have different plans.

Bucket and Spade (Nichol Keene and Toby de Angeli): Two teams battle it out using anything from mime to song to work out clues and create the perfect day at the seaside.

The Future is Not a Noun; It’s a Verb (Charlotte Jarvis): Psychological experiment, performance, social intervention and comic turn.

Charabanc (Tom Armitage): Ah, the race for the last seaside parking space: Mum’s tired, Dad’s lost, the kids need the loo, and EVERYONE’S COMPLAINING. A noisy, competitive role-playing team game for two or more groups of four.

Competitive Sandwich Making (Tim Mannveille and Clare Huxley): Test your skills in the ancient art of tessellating pieces of cheese to make the perfect sandwich.

Do Whales Eat Sand? (Silke Abele): Cunningly discard seaside ‘objects’ with the help of creative and convincing arguments in order to win treasure for your team!

Mission (Bread and Goose): An unwitting passer-by is thrust into a world of espionage, deceit, and corruption. Can you decipher the clues and complete your mission?

Ms Lidbetter’s Bakery presents Battle of the Seas: See if your fleet’s tactics can control the most treasured trade routes… before your rivals gets there first.

Time*Trails (Sophie Sampson and Michael Dales): Find the hidden history of the South Bank! Time*Trails brings the Festival of Britain alive in the very spot it took place using the GPS technology in your iPhone.

A Motley Cruise (Simon Katan): a game for pirates and merchants. Sail the high seas to chase down your enemy and steal their bounty.

Werewolf: nothing to do with the seaside, but someone’s going to play it anyway, might as well make it official…

Wish You Were Here (Holly Gramazio): a game of seaside postcards and censorship – can you get your joke past the all-seeing eye of the Postmaster?

Plus a rockpool, masks, more spy trails, an actual genuine sandpit with real sand in it, a family car journey, and maybe even an actual genuine ice-cream: fifteen games across the site, most new, a few familiar; some high-tech, some using nothing but flags or ice-cream or sand or water; some for one quiet player, some for forty runners-around and jumpers-about.

These games are intended primarily for adults.

Tell us you’re coming on the Facebook event page, or just turn up on the night!

The Sandpit is Hide&Seek’s irregular playing and playtesting event. For artists and designers it’s a chance to try out new ideas; for everyone else, it’s a chance to play new games for the first time, or to revisit old favourites. There are always plenty of games going on, so there’s bound to be something that suits you.

Picture by 55thstreet

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